Friday, June 24, 2011

Yes, I'm Still Here!!

Wow, has it really been since April that I have posted on here?? My goodness, so much has happened. We moved into our new home in Hereford on Memorial Day weekend and have been trying to get unpacked and settled in. Things were going along great until last Sunday, when a "little grass fire" started in the Huachuca Mountains behind us. As you probably have heard, that little fire grew into a huge fire that has now destroyed over 20,000 acres and many homes and businesses.

The fire swept through our neighborhood, but fortunately our home is still standing. We were evacuated from our home for a week, so we stayed in a friend's apartment for 2 nights, then went to our house in Tucson and slept on an air mattress there. Thank goodness our tenants had not moved in yet, or we would have had no place to go. Our families were awesome, they brought us sheets, towels and other necessities that we needed while we were there. We are now back in our home and trying to get back to normal.

Here are a few pictures.  This is the view outside my kitchen window last Tuesday when we were evacuated:

The fire did not even hit our neighborhood that day; that happened on Thursday.

How close it came:

We feel very fortunate and blessed to still have our home; some lost everything they owned. Our community has been awesome through this whole tragedy, helping and supporting one another. We plan to help out others as best we can; it is the least we can do.


Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Glad to know you are okay. I had no idea you were in the vicinity of the fire. Hope to see your sewing creations soon. Take care, sweet bloggy friend! ☺

Sharon Marie said...

Happy that you are ok. What a frightening thing to happen.

Tootsie Marie said...

I didn't know your new home was so near the fire! So glad you are all okay! How did the cats do? Hope you can get back to crafting soon :) Best wishes!