Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Play Catch Up!

I can't believe I haven't posted on here since September!  I figured I would do a post and show you some of the projects I've done since then.

In October I sewed some things for my great-nieces. First I made these pacifier clips:

And then these door snugglers:

I thought these were a great idea. You stretch them over the door knob in baby's room so that if you go to check on them while they are sleeping, it doesn't make noise when you open the door.

Also in October I made these cute Ipod pillows:

I keep one on my desk so that I always know where my phone is at. All of these I gave to my sister and she shared them with the girls at her office, they loved them!

In November I crafted these napkin rings out of the paper tube part of a roll of paper towels:

I hot-glued burlap around each one and then decorated them with ribbon and other fall decorations. We used these at our family Thanksgiving dinner.

So far this month I have made this pillow:

And used some glass blocks found at Home Depot to make this for my friend Kaitlin:

And this one for my Mom:

The best part about making these is that I FINALLY learned how to make bows. I have struggled with making bows, but I found a great video on You Tube that makes it so easy.

Where to find tutorials for these projects:

Pacifier Clips -

Door Snuggler -

IPod pillows -

Napkin Rings -

Christmas Tree Pillow -

How to Make a Bow Video -