Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crayon Roll and Matching Tote

I'm still busy sewing stuff for the upcoming craft show. While I was at Jo-Ann's awhile back (my home away from home LOL!) I saw these small tote bags and the idea hit me... why not do an applique on the front and then use the same fabric to make a crayon roll.. and then throw in a coloring book. So that is what I did. Here is how the first one turned out:

The tote bags came in packages of 3 and I bought 2 of them, so I've got 5 more of these to make.


becky said...

Too Cute! You should have quite the stash for you upcoming show! Yea to you!

glor said...

Looks to me another winner. Your show will be amazing!

trish said...

What a cute idea! :o) I love how the two match. :o)