Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Already?

I can't believe that it will be Christmas in a few short weeks. It really crept up on me this year. Of course, being sick with pneumonia the last two weeks hasn't helped any!

I finally got the tree up and some decorations around the house this weekend, so at least it is finally starting to look like Christmas around our house.
Here are a few pictures:

Our still un-decorated tree

Stockings are hung. Everyone in our house, pets included, gets a stocking, so that's 2 adults, 2 birds and 5 cats!

Hope you are enjoying this Holiday Season!

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pattas said...

You know I was sure i left a message here.. or was it on the other blog?
i love the stockings you have made. I really must start sewing more items. You would laugh if you saw my latest project.. I have been trying to sew slippers.. oh dear.. never mind. try try and try again :))