Sunday, September 23, 2012

Easy (And Cheap!) Halloween Decor

I wanted to make something for our front door for Halloween, but didn't want to make a traditional wreath. I came up with this simple, easy project that only cost a few dollars. Here's what I made:

Can you guess what this is made out of?? Here are my supplies:

Yes, those are burner covers! They come in a package of two at Dollar Tree for the whopping price of.... you guessed it... $1. While at Dollar Tree I also purchased some foam letters and shapes, some glitter, a spool of ribbon and some big fake spiders. I spent under $10 for everything.

I started with the larger burner covers (10 inch) and spray painted them with some black spray paint I already had.

I used the spider with the smaller burner covers - I'll show you that in a minute!

Once they were dry, I played around with the foam shapes and letters till I found designs I liked. The larger shapes did not have adhesive on the back (the letters did) so I just hot glued them on to the covers.

The hardest part was figuring out how to attach the burner covers together. I tried hot glue - no luck. Then I tried my ever trusty E6000 glue - still no luck. So I had my hubby drill a small hole in each one and then attached them to each other with a small piece of wire.

The E6000 glue worked great to attach the ribbon.   So easy, right?

For the smaller (8 inch) covers I painted them with black chalkboard paint:

I chose to write "Eek" and hung a spider from the ribbon with fishing line. To give the spider some glitz, I first sprayed it with some spray adhesive, then liberally sprinkled it with glitter. I'm not sure if you can see from the photos, but the ribbon has some purple glitter in it, so it matched perfectly!

And that's it... easy and cheap Halloween decor! This would be a great project for your kids to help you with. Once you've painted them, they could do the decorating.

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