Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cute Tote Bag

I made this cute tote bag today for my sister-in-law Becky. I bought a black canvas bag at Michael's and embellished it:
I cut the fabric for the "B" out of a quilted placemat that I was going to use to make one of my placemat purses ..... I like it for this purpose much better.

It gives it a frayed, shabby chic look that I hope she will like. I know she admired this one over at The Autocrat, so I hope mine is pretty close. I was going to give it to her for her birthday next month, but I just couldn't wait!


glor said...

How great! I'm sure she will love it ... its right on with the one you saw. You're very good at this! I'm still looking for placemats ... going to dollar store today where I saw some a few weeks ago.

Nancy said...

Sandy, thanks for visiting my blog. I love both of yours-we have alot in common. My welcome mat got thrown away after much wear, but maybe I will make another one. It was relatively easy and inexpensive compared to ordering a personalized one. If I make one, I will definitely put it on my blog.

becky said...

I luv it! Thank you sooooo much for my new tote bag! It's perfect...the colors are fabulous! you know... I're really benefiting from your new sewing hobbie...I luv it! If you need to try out any other projects, I'm wiil to help out!