Sunday, July 11, 2010

Placemat Purses

These purses have become quite an obsession with me lately. They are quick and easy to make, which is probably why I like them!

You can see some of the ones I've made over at my other blog, Sunflowerz Crochet. I made a couple more this weekend:
The red one is my favorite, and I was going to keep it for myself. Then my neighbor came over and decided she had to have it, so I sold it to her instead. She took several others with her and is going to try to sell them for me at her work, so keep your fingers crossed that they sell! 


glor said...

This is great!! I haven't sewn in a very long time but am getting the bug after seeing your wonderful creations. I am also learning watercolor painting...and just starting a blog for that too... Its exciting to have different blogs.

becky said...

I'm glad you got your other blog going! I know you have wanted to for some time looks great! I really luv the 3rd's my fav!

Doris Sturm said...

What lovely purses...they are all very pretty, but the red one is my favorite too ;-) I love red!
Enjoy your new blog, Sandy :-)

Ron and Diana Pike said...

Thanks for your comments! Your blog is great. The pattern for the apron in McCall's M5720 and is quite simple. I did make it reversable by cutting out the body of the apron twice, laid them right sides together, stitched along the edge, turned right side out and then proceeded to add the straps and rick rack. Hope to see how yours turned out soon! Diana from

Ron and Diana Pike said...

Opps! Did I say I added the straps after attaching the lining? Attach the straps FIRST then sew around the edge!!!! Sorry. Diana from