Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Pillows

I found some cute placemats to match my sister's colors (mainly brown and orange) after hitting several stores today, namely Big Lots (scored most of them here!), Pier 1 and Kohls. They turned out so cute.. I made all 4 of them this evening:

The solid brown and solid orange are actually the same pillow.. it is a reversible placemat. It has the neat bead detail on the side (Pier 1 has these in several color options).

I'll be selling some of the things I make at a craft fair in October... do you think these would sell?  I'd love to hear your thoughts! 


Vaughnde said...

Yep I definitely think those pillows will sell Sandy! Those are Gorgeous!!

becky said...

How beautiful they turned out! I will for sure put my order in! Great job!

becky said...

You know...after reading the instructions... I may just have to try it myself! Thanks again for the wonderful idea! Luv ya!

Nancy said...

Yes, I definitely think they would sell. They are very rich looking.

The Cottage Mama said...

GORGEOUS!! I love the beaded trim and the colors. Those look like designer pillows for sure (and no one will ever know they are placemats!!). Great job!