Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Can't Believe It Was This Easy

I conquered my fear of inserting zippers awhile back, but so far I have only put them in the little bags that I make, like this one:

All that has changed since I found this tutorial. Now I know how to make a zippered throw pillow, and I can't believe how stinkin' easy it was. I made this one for my nephew, cuz his whole room is decorated in Arizona Cardinals gear:

Check out this zipper:

I can't believe how well it turned out for my first try at making a zippered pillow. I'm going to be making lots more of these now.

Maybe I'll get the courage up one day to try the invisible zipper.... but for now, this works for me!

P.S. I luuurve my new sewing machine.... it is AWESOME!!

1 comment :

becky said...

Beth would be sooo proud! Your pillow is so cute! I'm so glad you have found something you enjoy so much! See you soon!