Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Something for Me!

I've been doing so much sewing for the craft show that I decided to take a small break from it today and make something entirely for me. I've seen ruffled checkbook covers all over blogland and wanted to try one. I decided I didn't want ruffles, so I put my own finishing touches on it. Here is how it turned out:

Here is what the inside looks like:

I followed a tutorial I found here. Since I use duplicate checks, I took the plastic parts from another old checkbook cover I had and sewed them on, like so:

For the embellishments on the front, I just cut rounds of fabric (used pinking shears on the green fabric) and glued them on, along with the ribbon and button.

All of the fabric I used came from here.  Melanie was offering a great sale on end of bolt pieces a few weeks ago, and I got a bunch of cute fabric for a great price. Plus I found out that she actually lives right here in awesome is that??!!  I got to meet her and she is so nice. Please go check out her shop, she has some really great fabric ... plus she recently added a nice selection of zippers (over 30 colors) that are only $.89 each.. you can't beat that price. I'll definitely be getting more fabric and notions from her in the future.

Hope everyone is having a great week.  :)


glor said...

What a great, cheerful cover! I always love your work.

becky said... can't make something for yourself, it's an unwriten rule! Isn't it funny how you make so many things for everyone else and you never make yourself something? Yea to you! It's really cute!

Nancy said...

Cute! It is about time you thought of yourself!