Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Help Needed!

I need help from those of you that sew. I want to make a dress for a little 4-year old girl that I know. I have very little experience in making clothes, so I need a pattern that will be easy for me to do. I don't know her measurements (and she is not nearby for me to measure) all I know is she wears a 5T.

Any pattern suggestions?? Have you used a tutorial from a blog that you would recommend?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks so much!

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Seams Inspired said...

Do you know how to put in zippers or buttons? Or are you wanting something she can pull over her head (in a knit fabric)?

If you want a quick and easy dress, I have a tutorial on my blog. You'll use a ready-made knit top and a coordinating fabric. It's very, very simple. Here's the link: Cupcake Dress Upcycle

Hope this helps. Happy Sewing! :o)