Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Weekend Crafting

I did two easy craft projects this weekend, neither of which cost very much. I had most of the items I needed already, and what I didn't have I found at Dollar Tree or Wal-mart.

The first things I made were these magnets:

I got the idea from the tutorial found here. She did Christmas magnets, which I'm sure I will do in a few months.. along with Halloween ones too!  I pretty much just followed her tutorial, except that I don't have Paper Mod Podge, just the regular kind, and it worked just fine.

The second thing I made was a new wreath for our front door. Since I took the July 4th decorations down, I needed something to put there that would last through the summer months.

I simply tied scrap pieces of fabric onto a grapevine wreath... couldn't be any easier! As I was going through my fabric scraps, I found a lot of blue and yellow fabrics, so I just went with those, but you could do this in any color combination you liked.

I started a third project, but it's not finished yet, so I'll post about it once it's done. Hope everyone is having a good week.


Saritha said...

Those magnets are Wow!!Thanks for the link Sandy.

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FlyAwayHome said...

Well aren't you cleaver..I love that wreath idea. You could change it out for holidays. Very cute.