Saturday, August 6, 2011

Zippered Pouches

I also made two zippered pouches yesterday. I used the tutorial found here.
I wanted to try a different way of doing the zipper, and I really like this tutorial. You sew small rectangles of fabric to either end of your zipper, and it gives your bag a nice, finished look.

I did something for the blue floral bag that I did not do on the red one, and I like it much better. When I was pushing out the corners, I also pushed out the areas around the zipper. It made it lay much better ... think you can see the difference in the photo above.

I added my signature beaded zipper pulls that I make for all my zippered pouches (click on the photo for larger view):

I love making these; they are great when you need a quick and easy gift, and who can't use a zippered pouch?  Enjoy!


SARITHA said...

Lovely pouches Sandy!!I miss sewing so much!!My sewing machine is on strike. Thanks for the link. Will save it for later.

pattas said...

Fabulous Blog :)) I love it.. It is inspirational.. Thankyou .. :))

Jackie said...

Those are really cute little pouches. Great job!

chris said...

Your pouches turned out great! I must check out the tutorial. Thanks for the link!