Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quilted Table Runner

I made my first quilted table runner last week and I am so proud of it. I think it came out pretty good for my first try:

I did it all without a pattern too!  First I made the three squares, using my Strip Tube Ruler to make the inside pieces... so easy and fun to use. Then I added the sashing and little block pieces to it.

I love the fabric I used for the interior of the squares; it was part of a jelly roll that I got over a year ago and had never even opened! The beige fabric is some muslin, and I had the green fabric and the fabric for the blocks and binding in my stash.

Once I made my quilt sandwich, I just followed along the design on the front. It came out really nicely on the back:

Next time I will use a contrasting thread color to really make it pop. This time when I quilted it I did not use my walking foot and it worked much better - no puckering on either the front or back. Maybe I will just use my regular presser foot from now on!

I found a neat trick to use for the binding - Steam a Seam! Yep, this binding is not even sewn down on the back.. I just used Steam a Seam around it! I would not recommend it for a quilt or something that you will wash frequently, but for this table runner it worked perfectly. The next quilt I do I may use it just down to hold down the binding to make it easier to sew (much better than pins or clips I would think).

I can't wait to make more table runners now... I see Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas ones in my future!


Kelli said...

Great table runner! I am new to your blog. Found it via another blog friend. Nice to meet you! :)

notes of sincerity said...

Beautifully done!! :o)
And it is your first??
Oh gosh, please don't look at my first. :o)
You did a fabulous job!!